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Company: 5th Element Products
Category: Health - Herbs
Country: USA
url: http://www.5thelement.com/

5th Element Products LLC is located in the village of Oxford in mid Michigan. Our product developer and founder has been studying the use of herbals most of her life in an effort to help her family with common health issues. A terrific chef and natural artist, she turned her hand to soap making in 1999 and is currently pursuing a degree in Naturopathy. The herbs and oils are chosen carefully for their scent combinations as well as the properties each herb holds. Our soaps are made with vegetable oils, pure essential oils and herbs for scent and color. Some blends use beeswax for texture and pigment for color. We do not use synthetic scents in any of our products. Besides the products manufactured by 5th Element Products, we also carry pure essential oils, dried herbs, extraordinary loose teas, tea supplies, pain management pillows, aromatherapy diffusers, art and jewelry from local artisans and much more.


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