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Ayurveda is the healing gift to us from the ancient enlightened Vedic culture. According to historical records in ancient Vedic texts, the Vedic system, including Ayurved, was in practice even before 4000 BC. Hence, we know that Ayurved was very mature and predominant in India thousands of years ago.

Ayurveda is a holistic health system based on harmony with nature. It is the major traditional Indian system of medicines practiced in India.The vista of Ayurveda is widening and attracting the global community. Ayurveda is a complete way of life .It is not only treating sickness it is based on preventing disease and enhancing health, longevity and vitality also.

Ayurveda helps us to understand ourselves and or needs -and provides us guidelines on diet, daily routines, lifestyle, and actions and activates to be followed. Ayurveda also teaches how to live in society without disturbing the natural balance.


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