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Akahdahmah Herbs, herbal products for thebody, mind and spirit; the holistic approach to healing naturally. Enhance the natural energy within. When using these herbal formulas it is important to know that consistency is most important. The herbs that you take are used to nourish the body. Supplying vitamins and minerals and enzymes essential for the functioning of this human vessel. Therefore diligence, open mind and love for life are the foundation of a successful herbal program. We must remember that through out the history of herbs in ancient times they were used as food.

With this approach to consuming herbs the body was always receiving what it needed to adapt to its environment, maintaining that space of peace, balance and awareness. awareness. Today we have many healing challenges because of environmental stresses, which cause disease. "Preventative medicine" can no longer be limited to following general nutritional guidelines and appropriate exercise, but must include protective measures based on awareness of potential health hazards and the options we have available to us to prevent their occurrence.


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