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We, at A Creator's Blessing, along with The Clouds Trust, the researchers of Essiac, and the friends of Rene Caisse, authors of "Essiac Essentials," are dedicated to Rene Caisse's legacy, continuing to make Essiac tea affordable to everyone at generic prices. Many Essiac sellers are charging pharmaceutical prices. "Essiac Essentials" coauthors, Mali Klein and Sheila Snow, had unprecedented access to Rene Caisse's histories allowing you to be sure you're getting the original Essiac formula used by Rene Caisse.

We believe the integrity of Rene Caisse's original formula should be maintained. Surprisingly enough, your inquiry into various suppliers of Caisse's herbal formula (including some of the biggest names and dominant sellers of Essiac tea) will reveal that many of those suppliers are using the less expensive, questionable, imported (sterilized) herbs or the cheaper inorganic.


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