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During his long voyages, Christopher Columbus made an astute observation with respect to the health of his sailors. "There are four foods that seem to be indispensable to the good health of man; wheat, the grape, the olive and aloe vera. The beneficial properties of the first three have been well documented and are widely accepted. But the last of the four has had a much more uncertain history. In the days of Columbus, the cultivation of aloe vera in Spain was a vital aspect of popular medicine. But, with the beginnings of modern medicine, the 'pita sabila' (its historic name) together with many other medicinal plants was all but forgotten.

In the west, it was only at the beginning of the twentieth century that the plant received its first recognition and respect in the medical community. But as undeniable proof of its effects, it wasn't until the end of the Second World War that we truly discovered its therapeutic power. Following the devastating effects of the atomic explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, those who suffered burns were cured much more effectively and quickly with aloe vera and in many cases without even leaving scars. One should also add that its use in certain parts of the western world declined when populations settled in northern zones where the plant was unable to survive extreme temperatures.


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