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Annals of Botany - Covers all major areas of plant science. Publishes full-length research papers, with occasional supplements that focus on particular themes, short communications, articles, book reviews, and short commissioned reviews on topical subjects.

Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism - Index, texts of papers, and invitations to subscribe or contribute, from a journal which publishes findings on problems such as the consequences of specific diets and dietary supplements.

Annique - Skin and body care, teas, cosmetics, supplements, and baby products all containing Rooibos.

Anti-Aging Revolution - Oral supplements and topical formulas, includes product catalog, industry news, and related reading.

Anza Clinic - Fat removal through electrolipolysis and lymph drainage, multi-level distributor for Unicity health supplements, and ultrasound cellulite treatments. Located in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.

Apache Sky - Offering grooming products, beds, supplements and plans for a training cart.

ApiHealth - Natural health remedies and supplements made from bee venom, bee pollen and manuka honey.

Applied Math Upgrades for CORD's Original Math Booklets - Supplements for C.O.R.D.'s original Applied Math booklets. Download free sample activities from Superior TecPrep Math Products.

Applied Ozone Systems - Ozone generators and oxygen concentrators for air and water purification, and food perishables. Includes applications and benefits, product descriptions, and related supplements.

Aquacap - Contract manufacturer providing encapsulation of liquid nutritional supplements, herbal extracts and liquid suspensions.

Aquagen - Natural dietary and sports nutrition supplements including Aquagen® stabilized oxygen that works with vitamins and minerals to enhance the immune system and increase energy.

Araliya Herbal and Ayurvedic Products - Product line includes body care, dental, bar soaps, dietary supplements, massage oils and balms, aromatherapy, tea, and baby products. Includes wholesale information.

Archangel Studios, LLC - Is a multimedia entertainment company which produces graphic novels as well as supplements for the D20 game system.

Arden Health Care - Actrim Plus weight loss program offers supplements and diet plan.

Ark Naturals - Manufacturer of all-natural health, wellness, remedy snacks and supplements, and topical products for pets.

Arthritis MSM Supplements Center - Offers MSM products including capsules, powder, creams, and lotions. For humans and pets.

Arya Aushadhi Pharmaceutical Works - Focuses on manufacturing and export of Ayurveda medicines, natural herbal supplements, ayurvedic herbs and herbal life products. Provides information to Ayurveda and company profile.

Asia Ayurveda International - Training in the principles of Ayurveda. Offers courses in pulse diagnosis, ayurvedic mind-body types, and ayurvedic herbal supplements.

Asia Natural Products, Inc - Herbal supplements and specialty formulas based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Astrological Health - Offers herbal supplements specifically tailored to each zodiac sign, as well as information on astrology and health.

Asylum Training - Specializes in offering personal training, weight loss, supplements, nutrition, fitness gear/equipment, and fitness related information and articles.

Athletic Nutrition - Offering name brand sports nutrition supplements like EAS and Twinlab, along with a newsletter, product research and bulk discounts.

Athletic and Working Dogs - Offering CDs, supplements, services and information about sports dogs such as the greyhound.

Attain Consolidated - Sales of diet and weight loss supplements.

Auravita Limited - Health store offering vitamins, nutritional supplements, slimming aids, books, CDs and videos and incorporating extensive health care information.

Auromere Ayurvedic Imports - Specializing in natural ayurvedic herbs and supplements, and skin and body care products including handmade soap, herbal toothpaste, rejuvenating mud bath, massage oil, and aromatherapy.

Aussie Bodies - Suppliers of a range of foods and diet supplements based around protein sources. Programs, articles, news, heath tools, product list, FAQs, and company profile included.

Australian Pigeon Company - Range of medicines and health supplements for pigeons. Also health management programs and veterinary advice available.

Avecom - Focuses on the development of supplements to stimulate micro-organisms respectively to control microbial populations and to optimize microbial processes. Company, products, technology and knowledge center.

Avena Botanicals - Organic and wild crafted tinctures, teas, and supplements. Also offers herbalist classes in Maine.

Avesta Limited - Manufactures collagen hydrolysate supplements. Product pricing and contact information included.

Aveva Natural Remedies - Herbal products, homeopathy, teas and supplements, and body care items. Also offers classes and therapist referrals in the UK.

Aviform - Selling supplements and tonics for dogs, horses, racing pigeons and cage birds.

Avitech Poultry - UK manufacturer of nutritional supplements for the poultry and game market.

Awaken Nutrition - Chelation and detoxification supplements.

Ayurveda Plaza - Supplements and powders, teas, and bodycare products from India.

Ayurvedic Skin Care - Bindi sells oils, hair and skin conditioners and nutritional supplements.

BARF World - Information about the Bones And Raw Food Diet, with recommendations and sales of supplements, publications and videos. Includes a breeder directory and details of the BARF Association.

BDI Marketing - Manufacturer and distributor of herbal and sexual supplements, caffeine stimulants and bronchodilators.

BFY Sports and Fitness - Suppliers of health food, supplements and fitness equipments.

BR Essentials, Inc - Produces Bulgarian essential oils, concretes, absolutes, flower waters, dry extracts, liquid extracts, dietary supplements, vegetable oils, and cosmetics.

BRAND'S World Malaysia - Manufacturer of essence of chicken health drinks and health supplements. Provides product and health information, news and activities.

Back To Nature Herbs - Herbal supplements and skin care products. Also offers viamins and juicers.

Bacolod Feathered Slashers - Guide on cock breeders, farms and supplements.

Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan - Manufacturer of herbal Ayurvedic medicines and food supplements. Company and product information, contact links.

Baileys Pharmacy - Offers custom compounding of herbal, homeopathic, hormonal and nutritional supplements.

Banner Pharmacaps - Development and manufacture of prescription, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, and nutritional supplements sold in softgels and Soflet gelcaps.

Banner Pharmacaps Inc. - Developer and manufacturer of prescription, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, and nutritional supplements.

Barker Trading Company - A manufacturer's representative serving the feed and horticultural industries in the Western U.S. and Far East. Active dry yeast and feed supplements; product information.

Barleans's Organic Oils - Sells nutritional supplements, including flax and borage oil, and related books.

Barleygreen - Nutritional Supplement - Listing of AIM products including Barleygreen and other health supplements. Gives contact details for the local agent.

Batory Asset Management, Inc. - Supplements, ointments, and specialty formulas. Includes research data and articles.

Be-Trim - Natural weight loss and health supplements. Based in South Africa, will ship worldwide.

Beaches Healthcare Services - Specializes in the treatment of chronic disorders through the utilization of supplements including Chinese homeopathic, herbal remedies and acupuncture.

Beat CFS - Information and positive suggestions of treatments, supplements, alternative therapy, yoga and tai chi exercises for suffers of M.E and CFS

Bee-Alive, Inc. - Offers royal jelly, herbal supplements, skin care products, and health-related books. - Bee products including honey, beauty aids, candy and health food supplements.

Beefcake Nutrition - Sales of vitamins and sports supplements such as Myoplex and Met-rx.

Belle Stars - All-natural treats, enriched with a combination of supplements and vitamins. Available in nine flavors.

Benuts - Offers a source for "external healing aids", vitamins, supplements, skin care products, hypo allergenic products, and books.

Best Nutrition Inc. - Sells vitamins, minerals, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal supplements and diet products.

BestForYourPet - Provides holistic veterinary supplements, glandular extracts, colostrum, beta-thym, serene melatonin, mega-lipotropic and shark cartilage.

Better Health International - Natural Health products for the family. Pro-Gest, Phytoestrogen, Libido Formula, natural health supplements, saliva tests, and Natual Health books.

Better Nutrition - Many low carb items and nutritional supplements to choose from. - Free information on weight loss, fitness and exercise, sports supplements.

Beverly International - Nutrition center manufacturing supplements and selling vitamins; offers a price list and contact information.

Beverly International Nutrition - Bodybuilding, health, and fitness nutritional supplements for bodybuilders, fitness competitors, and hardcore training athletes.

Beyond 100 - Information, products and innovations for longevity, including exercisers, color, infrared and light therapy, supplements, air and water purifiers, juicers, electro-magnetic field protection, home colonics and ionized bracelets.

Beyond 2000 Nutrition - Offers bodybuilding supplements, nurtrition, weight control products, and equipment.

Beyond A Century - Provides performance and nutritional supplements, literature, and detailed descriptions.

Beyond Personal Training - Personal training with trainer Trevor Hoha, located in Eagan, Minnesota. Goes beyond basic personal training to include fitting fitness into your lifestyle and activities. Includes training tips and techniques, a body fat calculator, nutritional advice, and a Fitness Shop with recommended supplements.

Beyond Relief Personal Training - Supplements to the public and provide personal training and information on using body building supplements.

BeyondMuscle - A wide selection of vitamins and supplements. Online shopping with detailed product information and reasonable prices.

Bike Mania - Offers cycling components, apparel and nutritional supplements.

Bio Essence Corporation - Herbal and nutritional supplements based on far eastern spiritual practices.

Bio Nutritional Center - Manufacturer of custom private label supplements.

Bio-Design - Specialized, natural nutritional and herbal supplements.

Bio-Logics - Variety of supplements for allergies, colic, joint afflictions and natural insect repellant.

Bio-mode Centre - Sales of herbal supplements containing heparvit and excell: used in the therapy and repair of organ tissue for viral hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

Bio-organics - Information on nutritional supplements.

Bio4ce Nutrition - Offers natural and herbal quick weight loss supplements. Also provides free calculators to help weight loss programs.

BioGro Products - Natural health supplements and remedies, weight loss products, yoga tapes and music, body care, and organic teas and coffees.

BioProgress - Develops non-gelatin films for use with pharmaceuticals, vitimans and supplements. Site includes details of products and services, investor information and company news.

BioTest Laboratories - Seller of Bio-test supplements.

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